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价值-梦想-优势 Best Exchange Program
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China Future Leadership Project (CFL) History 伟大的历史

China Future Leadership Project (CFL) began when a group of internationally-minded students from Peking University and world top universities sought to create a dynamic new platform and bridge to bring together scholars and students with an active interest in global affairs and debate the issues confronting the international system. With the end of the Cold War and rising of China, divisions between East and West no longer stood in the way of making this vision a reality.    


In specific, we aim to develop CFL delegates with:
- Innovative and entrepreneurial spirits
- Leadership and integrity
- Global perspective and China knowledge
- A high sense of social responsibility and team spirit
- Broad business knowledge with an area of specialty 


“We have a long tradition at China Future Leadership Project of passing along our memories about essential people and events that made the world leading project what it’s today --- our project, heritage, culture and what we stand for, collectively and individually.”