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Notable Speakers 往届著名教授

China Future Leadership Project (CFL) has drawn prestigious speakers from around the world. These speakers have included prominent business leaders, distinguished faculty from preeminent universities, and renowned leaders from governments. Below is a list of some of our most notable past speakers:


Ezra Vogel
Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences, Harvard University


Thomas E. Patterson
Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press, Harvard University


Tu Weiming
Harvard-Yenching Professor of Chinese History and Philosophy and of Confucian Studies, Harvard University


Dr. Joel Cutcher – Gershenfeld
Executive Director, Engineering Systems Learning Center, and Senior Research Scientist, Sloan School of Management, MIT


Jeremy F. Shapiro
Professor of Operations Research and Management, Emeritus Sloan School of Management, MIT


Otto Scharmer
Senior Lecture, Sloan School of Management, MIT 


Michael Pettis
Associate Professor of Finance, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University


Federico Caruncho
Managing Director, Beijing Panrico Food Processing Center


Professor Michael Cox is the professor of International Relations; Associate Research Fellow, Chatham House; Chair of United States Discussion Group, Royal Institute of Affairs; Executive Committee at the London School of Economics.


Dr. Laura Nash
Ph.D on Senior Research Fellow on the faculty, Harvard Business School


Daniel J. Isenberg
Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School


Jeffrey Fear
Associate Professor, Harvard Business School


Paul R. Lawrence
Professor of Organizational Behavior, Emeritus at Harvard Business School


Charles Vert Willie
Charles William Eliot Professor of Education, Emeritus, HGSE


Stephen Goldsmith
Daniel Paul Professor of Government, Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation,Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

  Alexander Keyssar
Matthew W. Stirling, Jr., Professor of History and Social Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  Robert Putnam
Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  Bryan Hehir
Professor of Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  Jay W. Lorsch
Professor of Harvard Business School, Louis Kirstein Professor of Human Relations
  Ronald McKinnon
Professor of Stanford University, William D. Eberle Professor of International Economics

Professor Andy Mullineux at University of Birmingham, Professor of Global Finance , Director of MBA IBF Programme Director of the Global Finance Research Group Head of Finance Subject Sub-GroupAndy joined the Birmingham Business School during 2001 and served as Programme Director of the MBA .


Professor Peter C. Perdue T.T. and Wei Fong Chao Professor of Asian Civilizations Professor of History Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

Norma Feshbach Professor Emeritus Psychological Studies in Education

William Burke-White joined the Penn Law faculty in 2005. His research examines the influence of international law on international politics and state behavior. In 2007 he received the Robert A. Gorman Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Bernard Wolfman Fessenden Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, Harvard University


Richard N. Cooper Maurits C. Boas Professor of International Economics, Harvard University

  David W. Brady Bowen H. and Janice Arthur McCoy Professor of Political Science and Leadership Values

Dr. Keith S. Taber, Senior Lecturer in Science Education and Programme Manager for the part-time PhD in Education Department of University of Cambridge.

  Professor Noel Capon, R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing Graduate School of Business, Columbia University
  Professor Jeffrey Frankel, James W. Harpel Professor of Capital Formation and Growth, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  Professor Steven Kelman, Albert J. Weatherhead III and Richard W. Weatherhead Professor of Public Management, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University 
Professor Ketty Maisonrouge, the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University.
Location: Uris Hall 142, Marketing Department, Columbia University

Professor Avner Offer Chichelle Professor of Economic History at University of Oxford .

  Professor William Shutkin, Environmental Policy and Planning, Department of Urban Studies and Planning MIT
  Professor David Bell, Associate professor of Marketing, the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  Professor Theodore L. Glasser, Professor of Communication, affiliated faculty. Modern Thoughts & Literature
  Professor Kal Raustiala, Professor of UCLA School of Law and UCLA International Institute.
  Professor Richard Sander, Professor of Law, School of Law, University of California Los Angeles
  Professor Alexander Keyssar is the Matthew W. Stirling Jr. Professor of History and Social Policy.
  Stephen Burbank, the David Berger Professor for the Administration of Justice, 
  Kenneth A. Adams is a consultant and speaker on contract drafting. He is a 1989 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and served on the board of officers of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.