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Application Deadline: Oct, 31 2017
Thank you for your interest in applying to the CHINA FUTURE LEADERSHIP PROJECT.

This application form is designed to supplement your CV/resume to maximize your opportunity to demonstrate the qualities we look for in our team.

Please ensure your CV/resume provides the following information: name, address, email address, academic history and an overview of your jobs and non-academic experiences.

Please complete this form in English. Note that it is not our aim to test your command of the English language; we are only interested in the content of your answers. All information provided to us is on a voluntary basis.
Please submit this International Application Form with an article more than 1000 words IN CHINESE, which is about the experience in CHINA FUTURE LEADERSHIP PROJECT.
Submit Options:
1. Please send your documents by E-mail:
2. Please send to Fax: +86 10 6528 1136;
(发送传真到 +86 10 6528 1136)  


Article I. Mission of China Future Leadership Project Scholarship

  • Groom the students to better face the future challenges of the business world
  • Teach students what they do not normally get from Universities and business schools
  • Through the experience they gained from the international exchange program
    • Broaden the international horizon of the students
    • Establish a bridge between students and internationally renowned professors
    • Interface with multinational conglomerates
    • Establish a relationship with overseas counterparts

Article II. Fund of China Future Leadership Project Scholarship

  • This scholarship is established and managed by China Future Leadership Project.
  • The funding of this scholarship is from China Future Leadership Project as well as other sponsors worldwide.
  • The scholarship was awarded once a year.

Article III. Application Conditions

  • Obey laws and rules of China
  • Excellent in academic studies 
  • Has ever been a participant of China Future Leadership Project 

Article IV. Type of Awards

  • First Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize

Article V. Selection Process

  • Application 
    •  Applicants who meet the requirements in Article 3 are qualified for applying this scholarship.
  • Selection Process:
    Once the applicants have submitted application documentation, China Future Leadership Project will direct the qualified ones to the Scholarship Committee, who will make the final decisions on:
    • Applicant’s Resume 
    • Applicant’s interview performance in the process of China Future Leadership Project’ selection 
    • Applicant’s performance during the China Future Leadership Project. 
    • Application form and essay delivered by the applicant when applying for this scholarship. 
  •  Awarding: 
    •  The final result will be revealed by a specific date of a year and qualified applicants will get their scholarship in the Awarding Conference.

Article VI. Application Frequency

  • Applicant who has participated once in China Future Leadership Project can only apply once for this scholarship. Applicants who has participated the projects more than once has unlimited number of chances of application.


Article VIII. About Applicants

  • These provisions apply to university students from undergraduates to PhD students in mainland China.

Article IX. Other Contractual Conditions

Neither the Contractor, nor anyone whom the Contractor employs to carry out the activity is to be considered as an agent or member of the staff of China Future Leadership Project and, except as otherwise provided herein, they shall not be entitled to any privileges, immunities, compensation or reimbursements, nor are they authorized to commit China Future Leadership Project to any expenditure or other obligations.

2. China Future Leadership Project EMBLEM, SEAL AND NAME
The Contractor shall not use the name, acronym, or emblem (logo) of China Future Leadership Project except with the specific prior authorization in writing of China Future Leadership Project,

(a) The Contractor attests that the performance of the activity does not prejudice the rights of third parties and is not in violation of any applicable law.

(b) Unless otherwise provided herein, the Contractor shall bear all the expenses of carrying out the activity.

(c) The Contractor shall indemnify China Future Leadership Project and absolve it of any responsibility for any prejudice, loss or damage sustained as a result of the non-observance of the above-mentioned obligations and for any court action, claim or charge of any kind which may result from a wrongful act or omission perpetrated by the Contractor or by any of its employees in the execution of the contract. The Contractor shall also bear, or reimburse China Future Leadership Project for any legal costs and/or other legitimate expenses incurred in connection with any legal action in which the Organization may come to be implicated as the result of an offence committed by the Contractor.

(d) The Contractor undertakes full responsibility for the purchase of any health and medical, accident or other insurance which may be necessary in respect to any loss, injury, damage or illness occurring during the execution of the contract.

In the event of a dispute, the parties shall make a good faith effort to settle it amicably. In the event an amicable settlement cannot be reached, any dispute arising out of, or relating to the present contract, shall be settled by binding arbitration by a sole arbitrator appointed by mutual agreement.

Article V. Amendments
This contract may be amended by a letter of amendment specifying all modifications and signed by China Future Leadership Project.